The gambling business development strategy 1bet2u Online Malaysia is aimed at attracting players as much as possible. This also applies to online games . In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the player stays in the casino as long as possible. For this, there is a bonus system and a wager. It is simple to answer the question of what a wager is – this is the number of bets established in this casino that must be made in order to qualify for the already accrued bonuses,

How to clear bonuses

The amount of bonuses in the casino looks impressive, but they are not given automatically. They must be played out. Therefore, it is advisable for a beginner to understand what a wager in a casino is. The rule is that each casino sets a certain coefficient for each of the types of bonuses, which means how many bets must be made to get the wagering of the accrued bonus. Moreover, each bet must be the size of the bonus itself.

The wager can be written like this: 20 ×, 40 ×, 50 ×, 60 ×, where the number is the required coefficient for wagering the bonus. For example, the most common wager 40 × means the following:

  • To wager the bonus of 1000 rubles, you will need to make 40 bets of the 1st thousand, and only after that, you can go to receive bonus money.

Types of wagers

To get the maximum winnings, immediately after entering the site, you need to find out what types of wagers exist in the casino. And they depend on the priority of tasks for:

  • Retaining players who are forced to be online until the prize money is won back.
  • Fight against bonus hunters, that is, those who like to enter, get a bonus amount and exit right away without leaving a dime in the casino.

The types of wagers are designed for different groups of clients and can be:

  1. Starting. Installed on bonuses for registering at a casino or on the first deposit.
  2. Temporary. With a time limit for wagering.
  3. Rating. This is when active players are assigned points that increase their rating and reduce the wagering coefficient.
  4. Resuscitation. For bonuses for players who have reduced their activity on the site. They encourage such clients to restore their gaming tone.

And another type of wager can determine the requirement for withdrawing bonus amounts:

  • Immediately after wagering the wager. This is the most optimal case.
  • When bonuses are credited for the game, at the same time as the first deposit. In this case, the fulfillment of the bonus points wagering requirements is also mandatory. Without fulfilling the wagering conditions, the premium part will not be returned.
  • The wager applies to the amount of the bonus and the deposit money, if any.

Therefore, before depositing the first amount, you should carefully study the site’s bonus policy.

Additional terms

In some cases, the wagering conditions can be supplemented with additional restrictions. It:

  1. Time limits for wagering. The bonus can be wagered for a limited time. For example, several hours, a day, or several days. After which it is canceled.
  2. Limiting the bet to the maximum. In order for the player to stay on the site longer.
  3. Restriction on the type of game. For some games, bonus wagering does not apply.

Monitoring compliance with the conditions is entirely the responsibility of the player. The system does not interfere with the process, but only records violations. And if they were allowed, then when the money is withdrawn, the winning amount is canceled or reduced.

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