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Slum Doctor Programme was founded on the principles of hope and justice in support of people living in Africa with HIV/AIDS.  Partner organizations in Kenya and Uganda deliver services with the common goal of improving the lives of widows, orphans, vulnerable children and others impacted by AIDS.  Slum Doctor Programme supports partner organizations through our Global AIDS Education and Empowering the Base of the Pyramid programs.   

Slum Doctor Programme is about ordinary people and communities coming together to create solutions to one of the world’s most pressing healthcare concerns. Working together with our many friends across two continents, we hope to one day be a part of a global society that is free of AIDS.

In 2007, Slum Doctor Programme developed a program to educate people in the US about the extent and scope of the global AIDS crisis. Since then, we have educated thousands about the relationship between poverty, orphans, gender inequality, and the spread of HIV/AIDS. It has been our hope to initiate a conversation in our schools, homes, and public places about a shared responsibility for the well being of the world -- for those suffering unnecessarily from a preventable and treatable disease. Click to find out more about the curriculum, or click on the Get Involved link on the header bar to volunteer as a an AIDS Educator 


Our mission is to empower our community and work with African partner organizations to improve the lives of those impacted by HIV/AIDS by providing education, food, healthcare, and hope. At home, we educate about global HIV/AIDS.

  • 2013 Board of Directors

  •       Paul Barkely: President
  •       Vernon Johnson, PhD
  •       Nathan Magumba
  •       Mary Foss
  •       Jamie Martin
  •       Jenna Hackman
  • Tabitha Anderson Donohue






Host a Party for Purpose


We will send you everything you need including beautiful beaded necklaces,
receipts, a price list, a dvd with interviews of the crafters themselves,
AND a complimentary cd of African music.
Note: we need 3 weeks notice to prepare the party package.


  • "I am so excited about the BSLA program
  • How incredible to think that for only about $300,
  • you can provide an AIDS widow with seeds,
  • fertilizer, training from an agricultural extension worker,
  • drying cribs and access to markets for 18 months!"
    -SDP Supporter, Bellingham, WA


  • xmas
  • Thank you to everyone who came and supported Slum Doctor Programme and our partners at the Ujima Dinner. We raised significant funds through your kind donations which will greatly assist our partners work on the ground in East Africa.


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